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    League transaction log -- BBBL17
    Regular season

    2/13/20173DTAnderson,ChTraded awaySea After
    2/13/20173DTKoehlerAcquired via tradeSea After
    2/13/2017SeaAnderson,ChAcquired via trade3DT After
    2/13/2017SeaKoehlerTraded away3DT After
    4/4/2017HDPCedenoPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/4/2017HDPOttavinoPlaced on disabled list 4/4/2017Before
    4/6/2017FtWLockePromoted to active roster  Before
    4/6/2017FtWMaedaPlaced on disabled list 4/6/2017Before
    4/7/2017HDPBarnes,JPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/7/2017HDPStrahmPlaced on disabled list 4/6/2017Before
    4/7/2017IndHarrisonPlaced on disabled list 4/7/2017Before
    4/7/2017IndHowardPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/8/2017FitSandovalAcquired via tradeWPW After
    4/8/2017FitWood,ATraded awayWPW After
    4/8/2017WPWSandovalTraded awayFit After
    4/8/2017WPWWood,AAcquired via tradeFit After
    4/10/2017BBHdeGromPlaced on disabled list 4/9/2017Before
    4/10/2017BBHGeePromoted to active roster  Before
    4/10/2017SJBCorbinPlaced on disabled list 4/8/2017Before
    4/10/2017SJBNunoPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/10/2017WBRGsellmanPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/10/2017WBRHernandez,TPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/10/2017WBRWhiteDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/10/2017WBRWilson,TDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/10/2017WPWHutchisonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/13/2017FenMorelandPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/13/2017FenStoryPlaced on disabled list 4/8/2017Before
    4/14/2017DLGiavotellaPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/14/2017DLOrlandoPlaced on disabled list 4/14/2017Before
    4/14/2017IndDarvishDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/14/2017IndGuerra,DPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/17/2017AFAltherrPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/17/2017AFMarte,SPlaced on disabled list 4/12/2017Before
    4/17/2017BBHGlasnowPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/17/2017BBHShoemakerPlaced on disabled list 4/12/2017Before
    4/17/2017DLHeiseyReleased  Before
    4/17/2017DLKelly,JSigned  Before
    4/17/2017GBBKluberPlaced on disabled list 4/15/2017Before
    4/17/2017GBBPeacockPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/18/2017FitHarrisonAcquired via tradeInd After
    4/18/2017FitPhillips,BTraded awayInd After
    4/18/2017IndHarrisonTraded awayFit After
    4/18/2017IndPhillips,BAcquired via tradeFit After
    4/19/2017IndHowardDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/24/2017FenMorelandDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/24/2017FenStoryActivated from disabled list  Before
    4/24/2017FtWLockeDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/24/2017FtWMaedaActivated from disabled list  Before
    4/24/2017WBRBregmanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/24/2017WBRHernandez,TDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/24/2017WBRRomoPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/24/2017WBRTolesPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/25/2017DCGsellmanAcquired via tradeWBR After
    4/25/2017DCOrtizTraded awayWBR After
    4/25/2017DCRefsnyderTraded awayWBR After
    4/25/2017DCTolesAcquired via tradeWBR After
    4/25/2017WBRBregmanPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/25/2017WBRSmolinskiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/25/2017WBRGsellmanTraded awayDC After
    4/25/2017WBROrtizAcquired via tradeDC After
    4/25/2017WBRRefsnyderAcquired via tradeDC After
    4/25/2017WBRTolesTraded awayDC After
    4/26/2017DCRamos,EDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/26/2017NSSCessaPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/26/2017NSSHarrellDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/26/2017SeaRoss,TPlaced on disabled list 4/26/2017Before
    4/26/2017SeaThompson,JPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/26/2017WBRMusgrovePromoted to active roster  Before
    4/27/2017WBRBregmanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/27/2017WBRSmolinskiPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/28/2017KCPNieuwenhuisDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/28/2017KCPRenfroePromoted to active roster  Before
    5/1/2017AFKazmirPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/1/2017AFMarte,SActivated from disabled list  Before
    5/1/2017AFMarte,SDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/1/2017AFNolaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/1/2017FtWGosselinPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/1/2017FtWLa StellaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/1/2017GBBKluberActivated from disabled list  Before
    5/1/2017GBBPeacockDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/1/2017HDPBarnes,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/1/2017HDPMorganDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/1/2017HDPOttavinoActivated from disabled list  Before
    5/1/2017HDPStrahmActivated from disabled list  Before
    5/1/2017WBRBregmanPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/1/2017WBRCervenkaPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/1/2017WBRChamberlainDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/1/2017WBRHollidayDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/1/2017WBRSmolinskiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/1/2017WBRSmolinskiPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/4/2017WBRCervenkaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/4/2017WBRHernandez,TPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/4/2017WBRHollidayPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/4/2017WBRMusgroveDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/5/2017BBHdeGromActivated from disabled list  Before
    5/5/2017BBHGlasnowDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/5/2017PhiFlores,RPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/5/2017PhiMossPlaced on disabled list 5/5/2017Before
    5/5/2017SRRClemensPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/5/2017SRRStriplingPlaced on disabled list 5/5/2017Before
    5/8/2017AFAltherrDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/8/2017AFKazmirDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/8/2017AFMarte,SPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/8/2017AFNolaPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/8/2017ECEGibsonPlaced on disabled list 4/26/2017Before
    5/8/2017ECEOwensPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/8/2017FenAvilanReleased  Before
    5/8/2017FenDunnDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/8/2017FenDunnPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/8/2017FenHartSigned  Before
    5/8/2017FenFrancoTraded awayWPW After
    5/8/2017FenInciarteAcquired via tradeWPW After
    5/8/2017FitButler,BPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/8/2017FitHarrisonActivated from disabled list  Before
    5/8/2017FitRomine,AuDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/8/2017FitSaladinoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/8/2017FitSandovalPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/8/2017FitVazquezPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/8/2017SJBClippardPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/8/2017SJBCorbinActivated from disabled list  Before
    5/8/2017SJBCorbinDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/8/2017SJBHarveyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/8/2017WBRBregmanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/8/2017WBRMathisPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/8/2017WBRMusgrovePromoted to active roster  Before
    5/8/2017WBRSanchez,GDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/8/2017WPWHahnSigned  Before
    5/8/2017WPWHahnPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/8/2017WPWMahtookReleased  Before
    5/8/2017WPWMahtookReleased  Before
    5/8/2017WPWMahtookSigned  Before
    5/8/2017WPWStewart,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/8/2017WPWFrancoAcquired via tradeFen After
    5/8/2017WPWInciarteTraded awayFen After
    5/9/2017BBHGeeDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/9/2017BBHShoemakerActivated from disabled list  Before
    5/9/2017WPWAdamesReleased  Before
    5/9/2017WPWMahtookSigned  Before
    5/10/2017DLForsythePlaced on disabled list 5/9/2017Before
    5/10/2017DLPlouffePromoted to active roster  Before
    5/11/2017WBRLobatonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/11/2017WBRSanchez,GPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/11/2017WPWFoltynewiczPlaced on disabled list 5/11/2017Before
    5/11/2017WPWStewart,BPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/12/2017SPTAdamesSigned  Before
    5/12/2017SPTBeckham,GReleased  Before
    5/12/2017SPTFlahertySigned  Before
    5/12/2017SPTLawrieReleased  Before
    5/12/2017WPWCottonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/12/2017WPWHutchisonPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/13/2017FtWLeeTraded awayInd After
    5/13/2017FtWLucroyTraded awayInd After
    5/13/2017FtWMorales,KAcquired via tradeInd After
    5/13/2017FtWSantana,ETraded awayInd After
    5/13/2017FtWStrailyAcquired via tradeInd After
    5/13/2017FtWWietersAcquired via tradeInd After
    5/13/2017IndLeeAcquired via tradeFtW After
    5/13/2017IndLucroyAcquired via tradeFtW After
    5/13/2017IndMorales,KTraded awayFtW After
    5/13/2017IndSantana,EAcquired via tradeFtW After
    5/13/2017IndStrailyTraded awayFtW After
    5/13/2017IndWietersTraded awayFtW After
    5/15/2017FitSaladinoPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/15/2017FitSandovalPlaced on disabled list 5/12/2017Before
    5/15/2017FtWGosselinDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/15/2017GBBFloydPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/15/2017GBBUeharaPlaced on disabled list 5/14/2017Before
    5/15/2017KCPLorenzenDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/15/2017KCPWittgrenPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/15/2017WBRBregmanPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/15/2017WBRHollidayDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/17/2017IndLeePromoted to active roster  Before
    5/19/2017DLCrispDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/19/2017DLOrlandoActivated from disabled list  Before
    5/19/2017PhiDe JesusPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/19/2017PhiFlores,RDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/19/2017WBRHollidayPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/19/2017WBRKeplerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/22/2017GBBByrdPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/22/2017GBBSantana,DoPlaced on disabled list 5/21/2017Before
    5/22/2017HDPSanchez,CPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/22/2017HDPZobristPlaced on disabled list 5/20/2017Before
    5/22/2017SRRCravyPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/22/2017SRRMatzPlaced on disabled list 5/21/2017Before
    5/22/2017SRRStriplingActivated from disabled list  Before
    5/22/2017SRRStriplingDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/22/2017WBRHollidayDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/22/2017WBRKeplerPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/22/2017WBRBirdTraded awayWPW After
    5/22/2017WBRBourAcquired via tradeWPW After
    5/22/2017WBRKeplerTraded awayWPW After
    5/22/2017WBRTaillonAcquired via tradeWPW After
    5/22/2017WPWHernandez,EPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/22/2017WPWMahtookReleased  Before
    5/22/2017WPWPelfreySigned  Before
    5/22/2017WPWTaillonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/22/2017WPWBirdAcquired via tradeWBR After
    5/22/2017WPWBourTraded awayWBR After
    5/22/2017WPWKeplerAcquired via tradeWBR After
    5/22/2017WPWTaillonTraded awayWBR After
    5/23/2017WBRBregmanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/23/2017WBRChamberlainPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/23/2017WBRRomoPlaced on disabled list 5/23/2017Before
    5/23/2017WBRWhitePromoted to active roster  Before
    5/24/2017BCHGearrinPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/24/2017BCHReaPlaced on disabled list 5/18/2017Before
    5/24/2017DCJennings,DaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/24/2017DCRamos,EPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/24/2017KCPNieuwenhuisPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/24/2017KCPRenfroePlaced on disabled list 5/23/2017Before
    5/25/2017FenErlinPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/25/2017FenFernandezDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/26/2017BCHDavidsonSigned  Before
    5/26/2017BCHKemp,TReleased  Before
    5/26/2017FenErlinDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/26/2017FenFernandezPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/29/2017COFlynnPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/29/2017COLugoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/29/2017KCPEscobar,EduReleased  Before
    5/29/2017KCPManciniSigned  Before
    5/29/2017KCPManciniDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/29/2017WBRMusgroveDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/29/2017WBRTaillonPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/1/2017IndDarvishPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/1/2017IndNicasioDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/1/2017LLAnderson,BPlaced on disabled list 5/7/2017Before
    6/1/2017LLHoffmanPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/1/2017LLMarquezPlaced on disabled list 5/25/2017Before
    6/1/2017LLShieldsPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/1/2017PhiDescalsoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/1/2017PhiMossActivated from disabled list  Before
    6/5/2017ECEGibsonActivated from disabled list  Before
    6/5/2017ECEGibsonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/5/2017ECEMcCann,JPlaced on disabled list 6/1/2017Before
    6/5/2017ECENarvaezPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/5/2017HDPTulowitzkiPlaced on disabled list 6/3/2017Before
    6/5/2017HDPZobristActivated from disabled list  Before
    6/5/2017SeaCastro,DPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/5/2017SeaGantPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/5/2017SeaMerrittPlaced on disabled list 4/18/2017Before
    6/5/2017SeaMoncadaPlaced on disabled list 5/5/2017Before
    6/5/2017SeaUrenaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/5/2017SeaUrenaPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/6/2017GBBBrantleyPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/6/2017GBBCronPlaced on disabled list 6/6/2017Before
    6/6/2017GBBUeharaActivated from disabled list  Before
    6/6/2017GBBUeharaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/6/2017SPTButler,ESigned  Before
    6/6/2017SPTTilsonReleased  Before
    6/8/2017SJBHarveyPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/8/2017SJBManshipPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/8/2017SJBRoblesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/8/2017SJBWorleyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/9/2017KCPEovaldiPlaced on disabled list 6/9/2017Before
    6/9/2017KCPGrimmPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/12/2017FenDunnPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/12/2017FenErlinPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/12/2017FenGrilliPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/12/2017FenHardy,BSigned  Before
    6/12/2017FenHardy,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/12/2017FenHartReleased  Before
    6/12/2017FenLewisPlaced on disabled list 6/9/2017Before
    6/12/2017FenRodriguez,FrPlaced on disabled list 6/9/2017Before
    6/12/2017GBBPetit,GPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/12/2017GBBWright,DavPlaced on disabled list 6/9/2017Before
    6/12/2017NSSCessaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/12/2017NSSRichardPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/12/2017WBRGamelSigned  Before
    6/12/2017WBRRefsnyderReleased  Before
    6/12/2017WPWFoltynewiczActivated from disabled list  Before
    6/12/2017WPWStewart,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/14/2017GBBBrantleyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/14/2017GBBSantana,DoActivated from disabled list  Before
    6/14/2017PhiAybarPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/14/2017PhiUtleyPlaced on disabled list 6/14/2017Before
    6/14/2017SPTMondesiReleased  Before
    6/14/2017SPTTurner,JaSigned  Before
    6/15/2017AFEdwardsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/15/2017AFKazmirPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/15/2017AFSeverino,LPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/15/2017AFUriasPlaced on disabled list 6/15/2017Before
    6/15/2017DLForsytheActivated from disabled list  Before
    6/15/2017DLGarcia,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/15/2017DLGiavotellaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/15/2017DLSanchez,AnPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/15/2017WPWPelfreyReleased  Before
    6/15/2017WPWRefsnyderSigned  Before
    6/15/2017WPWStewart,BPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/15/2017WPWSwansonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/19/2017HDPReddickPlaced on disabled list 6/18/2017Before
    6/19/2017HDPReimoldPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/19/2017KCPGrimmDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/19/2017KCPLorenzenPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/19/2017KCPMcCullersDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/19/2017KCPNolascoPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/19/2017KCPSmith,ChPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/19/2017KCPWittgrenDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/19/2017SRRCravyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/19/2017SRRFryerPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/19/2017SRRRoss,DPlaced on disabled list 5/30/2017Before
    6/19/2017SRRStriplingPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/19/2017WBRCervenkaPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/19/2017WBRChamberlainDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/19/2017WBRMusgrovePromoted to active roster  Before
    6/19/2017WBRNorris,DaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/19/2017WPWAndrusPlaced on disabled list 6/18/2017Before
    6/19/2017WPWSwansonPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/20/2017DLNavarroPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/20/2017DLVogtDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/21/2017COCollinsTraded awayDL After
    6/21/2017COGray,STraded awayDL After
    6/21/2017COHandAcquired via tradeDL After
    6/21/2017COJones,JTraded awayDL After
    6/21/2017COVogtAcquired via tradeDL After
    6/21/2017COWright,SAcquired via tradeDL After
    6/21/2017DLCollinsAcquired via tradeCO After
    6/21/2017DLGray,SAcquired via tradeCO After
    6/21/2017DLHandTraded awayCO After
    6/21/2017DLJones,JAcquired via tradeCO After
    6/21/2017DLVogtTraded awayCO After
    6/21/2017DLWright,STraded awayCO After
    6/21/2017WPWHanigerPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/21/2017WPWHutchisonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/21/2017WPWPelfreySigned  Before
    6/21/2017WPWRefsnyderReleased  Before
    6/22/2017DLCollinsPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/22/2017DLGarcia,JPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/22/2017FenDunnPlaced on disabled list 6/20/2017Before
    6/22/2017FenHardy,BPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/22/2017HDPBarnes,JPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/22/2017HDPFowlerPlaced on disabled list 6/22/2017Before
    6/23/2017CORoss,RDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/23/2017CORuiz,CDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/23/2017COVogtPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/23/2017COWright,SDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/23/2017DLGarcia,JPlaced on disabled list 6/23/2017Before
    6/23/2017DLGray,SPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/23/2017SPTButler,EPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/23/2017SPTTurner,JaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/26/2017COFlynnDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/26/2017COWright,SPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/26/2017DCGsellmanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/26/2017DCJennings,DaPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/26/2017HDPReimoldDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/26/2017HDPTulowitzkiActivated from disabled list  Before
    6/26/2017SRRClemensDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/26/2017SRRMatzActivated from disabled list  Before
    6/28/2017HDPGodleySigned  Before
    6/28/2017HDPPetit,YReleased  Before
    6/29/2017FenErlinPlaced on disabled list 6/28/2017Before
    6/29/2017FenPutnamPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/29/2017FenRodriguez,FrActivated from disabled list  Before
    6/29/2017FenRodriguez,FrDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/30/2017FenPutnamDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/30/2017FenRodriguez,FrPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/30/2017HDPReimoldPromoted to active roster  Before
    6/30/2017HDPStrahmDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/30/2017PhiDe JesusDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    6/30/2017PhiUtleyActivated from disabled list  Before
    7/3/2017ECEGibsonPromoted to active roster  Before
    7/3/2017ECEMcCann,JActivated from disabled list  Before
    7/3/2017ECEMcCann,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    7/3/2017ECEOwensPlaced on disabled list 6/23/2017Before
    7/3/2017FenMeyerSigned  Before
    7/3/2017FenPutnamReleased  Before
    7/3/2017HDPMorganReleased  Before
    7/3/2017HDPReddickActivated from disabled list  Before
    7/3/2017HDPReimoldDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    7/3/2017HDPTaylor,CSigned  Before
    7/3/2017KCPBarneyReleased  Before
    7/3/2017KCPGrimmReleased  Before
    7/3/2017KCPKnebelSigned  Before
    7/3/2017KCPPinder,CSigned  Before
    7/3/2017WBRBregmanPromoted to active roster  Before
    7/3/2017WBRRomoActivated from disabled list  Before
    7/3/2017WBRRomoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    7/3/2017WBRWhiteDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    7/3/2017WPWAndrusActivated from disabled list  Before
    7/3/2017WPWSwansonDemoted to reserve roster  Before

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