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    League batting leaders -- AHBL17
    Regular season -- as of 11/4/2017

    Batting average On-base percentage Slugging percentage
    OrtizBea .667 OrtizBea .750 OrtizBea1.333
    MercerChc .500 MercerChc .571 Upton,JBea .667
    PedroiaBea .375 BeltChc .500 TolesChc .625
    PoseyChc .375 PoseyChc .444 PoseyChc .500
    TolesChc .375 PedroiaBea .375 MercerChc .500
    VottoBea .250 TolesChc .375 PedroiaBea .375
    BeltChc .250 Upton,JBea .375 VottoBea .375
    Upton,JBea .167 Seager,KChc .333 BlackmonChc .250
    Seager,KChc .143 VottoBea .250 BeltChc .250
    BlackmonChc .125 BlackmonChc .222 Seager,KChc .143
    Hits Runs Runs batted in
    OrtizBea4 Turner,TBea2 TolesChc3
    MercerChc3 BlackmonChc2 PedroiaBea2
    PedroiaBea3 Seager,KChc2 PoseyChc2
    PoseyChc3 Hernandez,TBea1 Hernandez,TBea1
    TolesChc3 Garcia,AvChc1 BeltChc1
    Turner,TBea2 BeltChc1 Garcia,AvChc1
    Duffy,MMChc2 OrtizBea1 MercerChc1
    VottoBea2 TolesChc1 OrtizBea1
    GurrielBea1 Upton,JBea1 Upton,JBea1
    FrancoBea1 KinslerChc1 Duffy,MMChc1
    Doubles Triples Homeruns
    OrtizBea1 TolesChc1 Hernandez,TBea1
    Duffy,MMChc1     OrtizBea1
    BlackmonChc1     Upton,JBea1
    Extra base hits Stolen bases Steal percentage
    Walks Intentional walks Strikeouts
    BeltChc3     Rodriguez,SBea5
    OrtizBea2     Duffy,MMChc3
    Seager,KChc2     TolesChc3
    Weeks,RBea1     Upton,JBea3
    Garcia,AvChc1     Garcia,AvChc2
    MercerChc1     BeltChc2
    Rodriguez,SBea1     KinslerChc2
    Upton,JBea1     Gonzalez,MaChc1
    BlackmonChc1     FryerChc1
    KinslerChc1     Upton,MChc1
    Sacrifice bunts Sacrifice flies Hit by pitch
        BeltChc1 FrancoBea1
    Ground ball DP Runs created Runs created/27 outs
    MolinaBea3 OrtizBea 5.3 OrtizBea47.9
    PedersonBea1 PoseyChc 1.9 MercerChc16.8
    SpanBea1 TolesChc 1.9 PoseyChc10.2
    OrtizBea1 MercerChc 1.9 TolesChc10.1
    VottoBea1 Upton,JBea 1.7 Upton,JBea 9.2
    BlackmonChc1 Hernandez,TBea 1.3 BeltChc 7.8
        BeltChc 1.1 PedroiaBea 6.1
        PedroiaBea 1.1 Seager,KChc 2.3
        Duffy,MMChc 1.0 VottoBea 1.4
        Turner,TBea 1.0 KinslerChc 1.1
    Isolated power Total average Total bases
    OrtizBea .667 OrtizBea3.333 OrtizBea8
    Upton,JBea .500 BeltChc1.333 TolesChc5
    TolesChc .250 MercerChc1.333 Hernandez,TBea4
    BlackmonChc .125 Upton,JBea1.200 Upton,JBea4
    PoseyChc .125 PoseyChc1.000 PoseyChc4
    VottoBea .125 TolesChc1.000 MercerChc3
    Seager,KChc .000 PedroiaBea .600 Duffy,MMChc3
        Seager,KChc .500 PedroiaBea3
        VottoBea .429 VottoBea3
        BlackmonChc .375 Turner,TBea2
    On-base plus slugging Secondary average AB per homerun
    OrtizBea2.083 OrtizBea1.000 OrtizBea 6.0
    MercerChc1.071 BeltChc .750 Upton,JBea 6.0
    Upton,JBea1.042 Upton,JBea .667 BlackmonChc9999.0
    TolesChc1.000 Seager,KChc .286 KinslerChc9999.0
    PoseyChc .944 BlackmonChc .250 MolinaBea9999.0
    BeltChc .750 PoseyChc .250 PedroiaBea9999.0
    PedroiaBea .750 TolesChc .250 PoseyChc9999.0
    VottoBea .625 MercerChc .167 TolesChc9999.0
    Seager,KChc .476 Rodriguez,SBea .143 VottoBea9999.0
    BlackmonChc .472 KinslerChc .125 Rodriguez,SBea9999.0
    Atbats Plate appearances Games
    BlackmonChc8 BlackmonChc9 BeltChc2
    KinslerChc8 KinslerChc9 BlackmonChc2
    MolinaBea8 PoseyChc9 Garcia,AvChc2
    PedroiaBea8 Seager,KChc9 Hernandez,TBea2
    PoseyChc8 BeltChc8 KinslerChc2
    TolesChc8 MolinaBea8 MercerChc2
    VottoBea8 OrtizBea8 MolinaBea2
    Rodriguez,SBea7 PedroiaBea8 OrtizBea2
    Seager,KChc7 Rodriguez,SBea8 PedroiaBea2
    MercerChc6 TolesChc8 PoseyChc2
    Current hit streak Longest hit streak 
    MercerChc2 MercerChc2    
    OrtizBea2 OrtizBea2    
    PedroiaBea2 PedroiaBea2    
    PoseyChc2 PoseyChc2    
    TolesChc2 TolesChc2    
    BlackmonChc1 BeltChc1    
    FrancoBea1 BlackmonChc1    
    GurrielBea1 FrancoBea1    
    KinslerChc1 GurrielBea1    
    MolinaBea1 Hernandez,TBea1    
    Total bases + BB + HBP TB+BB+HBP rate Plate appearances per game
    OrtizBea10 OrtizBea1.250 BlackmonChc4.50
    Upton,JBea6 Upton,JBea .750 KinslerChc4.50
    TolesChc5 TolesChc .625 PoseyChc4.50
    PoseyChc5 MercerChc .571 Seager,KChc4.50
    Hernandez,TBea4 PoseyChc .556 BeltChc4.00
    MercerChc4 BeltChc .500 MolinaBea4.00
    BeltChc4 PedroiaBea .375 OrtizBea4.00
    Duffy,MMChc3 VottoBea .375 PedroiaBea4.00
    PedroiaBea3 BlackmonChc .333 Rodriguez,SBea4.00
    VottoBea3 Seager,KChc .333 TolesChc4.00
    Total bases plus walks TB+BB rate AB per game
    OrtizBea10 OrtizBea1.250 BlackmonChc4.00
    TolesChc5 TolesChc .625 KinslerChc4.00
    Upton,JBea5 Upton,JBea .625 MolinaBea4.00
    PoseyChc5 MercerChc .571 PedroiaBea4.00
    Hernandez,TBea4 PoseyChc .556 PoseyChc4.00
    MercerChc4 BeltChc .500 TolesChc4.00
    BeltChc4 PedroiaBea .375 VottoBea4.00
    Duffy,MMChc3 VottoBea .375 Rodriguez,SBea3.50
    PedroiaBea3 BlackmonChc .333 Seager,KChc3.50
    VottoBea3 Seager,KChc .333 MercerChc3.00
    Balls in park In-play average Strikeout/walk ratio
    MolinaBea8 OrtizBea .600 PoseyChc 0.0
    VottoBea8 TolesChc .600 Seager,KChc 0.0
    PoseyChc8 MercerChc .500 MolinaBea 0.0
    PedroiaBea7 PedroiaBea .429 OrtizBea 0.0
    BlackmonChc7 PoseyChc .375 VottoBea 0.0
    Seager,KChc7 BeltChc .333 MercerChc 0.0
    MercerChc6 VottoBea .250 BeltChc 0.7
    KinslerChc6 KinslerChc .167 BlackmonChc 1.0
    OrtizBea5 BlackmonChc .143 KinslerChc 2.0
    TolesChc5 Seager,KChc .143 Upton,JBea 3.0
    Batting average vs LHP On-base percentage vs LHP Slugging percentage vs LHP
    MolinaBea .500 OrtizBea .667 PoseyChc1.000
    OrtizBea .500 PoseyChc .667 MolinaBea .500
    PoseyChc .500 KinslerChc .500 OrtizBea .500
    FrancoBea .333 MercerChc .500 FrancoBea .333
    KinslerChc .333 MolinaBea .500 KinslerChc .333
    MercerChc .333 FrancoBea .333 MercerChc .333
    PedroiaBea .333 PedroiaBea .333 PedroiaBea .333
        Rodriguez,SBea .333    
        Weeks,RBea .333    
        BlackmonChc .250    
    Hits vs LHP Runs batted in vs LHP On-base plus slugging vs LHP
    MolinaBea1 PoseyChc2 PoseyChc1.667
    OrtizBea1     OrtizBea1.167
    PoseyChc1     MolinaBea1.000
    FrancoBea1     KinslerChc .833
    KinslerChc1     MercerChc .833
    MercerChc1     FrancoBea .667
    PedroiaBea1     PedroiaBea .667
            Rodriguez,SBea .333
            Weeks,RBea .333
            BlackmonChc .250
    Doubles vs LHP Triples vs LHP Homeruns vs LHP
    Extra base hits vs LHP Total bases vs LHP Isolated power vs LHP
    PoseyChc1 PoseyChc2 PoseyChc .500
        MolinaBea1 FrancoBea .000
        OrtizBea1 KinslerChc .000
        FrancoBea1 MercerChc .000
        KinslerChc1 PedroiaBea .000
    Walks vs LHP Strikeouts vs LHP Hit by pitch vs LHP
    BeltChc1 Upton,JBea2    
    OrtizBea1 Upton,MChc1    
    PoseyChc1 Garcia,AvChc1    
    Rodriguez,SBea1 Hernandez,TBea1    
    Weeks,RBea1 Duffy,MMChc1    
    BlackmonChc1 PedroiaBea1    
    KinslerChc1 Rodriguez,SBea1    
    MercerChc1 Weeks,RBea1    
    Sacrifice bunts vs LHP Sacrifice flies vs LHP Atbats vs LHP
    AB per homerun vs LHP AB per double vs LHP Plate appearances vs LHP
    BlackmonChc9999.0 PoseyChc 2.0 BlackmonChc4
    FrancoBea9999.0 BlackmonChc9999.0 KinslerChc4
    KinslerChc9999.0 FrancoBea9999.0 MercerChc4
    MercerChc9999.0 KinslerChc9999.0 FrancoBea3
    PedroiaBea9999.0 MercerChc9999.0 OrtizBea3
    Seager,KChc9999.0 PedroiaBea9999.0 PedroiaBea3
    VottoBea9999.0 Seager,KChc9999.0 PoseyChc3
    Garcia,AvChc9999.0 VottoBea9999.0 Rodriguez,SBea3
    Hernandez,TBea9999.0 Garcia,AvChc9999.0 Seager,KChc3
    MolinaBea9999.0 Hernandez,TBea9999.0 VottoBea3
    Batting average vs RHP On-base percentage vs RHP Slugging percentage vs RHP
    OrtizBea .750 OrtizBea .800 OrtizBea1.750
    Turner,TBea .500 Seager,KChc .500 Upton,JBea1.000
    Duffy,MMChc .500 Upton,JBea .500 Duffy,MMChc .750
    TolesChc .429 Turner,TBea .500 TolesChc .714
    PedroiaBea .400 Duffy,MMChc .500 VottoBea .600
    VottoBea .400 BeltChc .429 Turner,TBea .500
    PoseyChc .333 TolesChc .429 BlackmonChc .400
    BeltChc .250 PedroiaBea .400 PedroiaBea .400
    Seager,KChc .250 VottoBea .400 PoseyChc .333
    Upton,JBea .250 PoseyChc .333 BeltChc .250
    Hits vs RHP Runs batted in vs RHP On-base plus slugging vs RHP
    OrtizBea3 TolesChc3 OrtizBea2.550
    TolesChc3 PedroiaBea2 Upton,JBea1.500
    MercerChc2 Hernandez,TBea1 Duffy,MMChc1.250
    Turner,TBea2 Garcia,AvChc1 TolesChc1.143
    Duffy,MMChc2 MercerChc1 VottoBea1.000
    PedroiaBea2 BeltChc1 Turner,TBea1.000
    VottoBea2 OrtizBea1 PedroiaBea .800
    PoseyChc2 Upton,JBea1 Seager,KChc .750
    GurrielBea1 Duffy,MMChc1 BeltChc .679
    Hernandez,TBea1     PoseyChc .667
    Doubles vs RHP Triples vs RHP Homeruns vs RHP
    OrtizBea1 TolesChc1 Hernandez,TBea1
    Duffy,MMChc1     OrtizBea1
    BlackmonChc1     Upton,JBea1
    Extra base hits vs RHP Total bases vs RHP Isolated power vs RHP
    OrtizBea2 OrtizBea7 OrtizBea1.000
    Hernandez,TBea1 TolesChc5 Upton,JBea .750
    Upton,JBea1 Hernandez,TBea4 TolesChc .286
    Duffy,MMChc1 Upton,JBea4 Duffy,MMChc .250
    BlackmonChc1 Duffy,MMChc3 VottoBea .200
    VottoBea1 VottoBea3 BlackmonChc .200
    TolesChc1 MercerChc2 PoseyChc .000
        Turner,TBea2 PedroiaBea .000
    Walks vs RHP Strikeouts vs RHP Hit by pitch vs RHP
    Seager,KChc2 Rodriguez,SBea4 FrancoBea1
    BeltChc2 TolesChc3 Upton,JBea1
    Garcia,AvChc1 Duffy,MMChc2    
    OrtizBea1 KinslerChc2    
    Upton,JBea1 BeltChc2    
    Sacrifice bunts vs RHP Sacrifice flies vs RHP Atbats vs RHP
        BeltChc1 TolesChc7
    AB per homerun vs RHP AB per double vs RHP Plate appearances vs RHP
    OrtizBea 4.0 OrtizBea 4.0 BeltChc7
    Upton,JBea 4.0 Duffy,MMChc 4.0 TolesChc7
    TolesChc9999.0 BlackmonChc 5.0 MolinaBea6
    MolinaBea9999.0 VottoBea 5.0 PoseyChc6
    PoseyChc9999.0 TolesChc9999.0 Seager,KChc6
    BlackmonChc9999.0 MolinaBea9999.0 Upton,JBea6
    KinslerChc9999.0 PoseyChc9999.0 BlackmonChc5
    PedroiaBea9999.0 KinslerChc9999.0 KinslerChc5
    Rodriguez,SBea9999.0 PedroiaBea9999.0 OrtizBea5
    VottoBea9999.0 Rodriguez,SBea9999.0 PedroiaBea5

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