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1985 Updated Disk posted: 4/19/05

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HOF WR James Lofton may be yours!  (considering QB Dan Fouts is throwing to him, it may be the hotest team still available) The Dark Knights are still open!

The teams on the front page of the website in RED are available for purchase in the EFL

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*** EFL is being Re-vamped ***

*** Teams in red are available for purchase ***

*** If interested in a team, please fill out the interested owner link on the left hand side of the page ***

*** You may re-name the team ***

*** Please also send info on where to find your logo, or send me a file of the actual logo you want ***

***We will use the new version of Action PC 2005 which will be available in March (Donít purchase until March)***

***  Current Salary Cap is set at $14,500, and will be raised slightly this season ***

*** If you are interested in a team, check that teamís contract status on the link to the left ***

*** EFL Draft will start Monday, April 4, 2005 ***


Team Capsules (Franchises for Sale )

Denver Dark Knights

Team History:  1983 (12-4) NFC West Champions, SB Runner Up ( Charleston ) /  1984 (11-5)  NFC West Champions

Cap Number:  $8,996

Draft Pick Situation:  21st overall pick in the first round of the 1985 draft. 

Franchise Player:  Nolan Cromwell

Key Players Under Contract:  QB Dan Fouts, WR James Lofton, OL John Hannah, OL Keith Fahnhorst, OL Dave Rimington, DL Curtis Greer, LB Mel Owens, DB Nolan Cromwell

1985 Outlook:  Denver has had a nice run.  From the Super Bowl in 1983 to the playoffs last year, the Dark Knights have been a solid franchise.  However, they are at a crossroads.  Aging talent makes long term success look pretty bleak at this time.  They may be poised for one more mini-run, but this team is far depleted from itís former self.  The team must have a good draft this year and start looking to talent to bolster the long term contracts again or it will be in trouble starting next season.


Jersey Jugheads

Team History:  1983 (5-11)  3rd in NFC West (San Antonio Stampede)  /  1984 ( 5-10-1 )  4th in NFC West

Cap Number:  $10,498

Draft Pick Situation:  8th overall pick in the 1985 draft.

Franchise Player:  WR Roy Green

Key Players Under Contract:  QB  Ron Jaworski, RB  Sammy Winder, TE Steve Jordan, OL Dan Alexander, OL Keith Bishop, OL Bruce Davis, DL Jacob Green, LB Wilbur Marshall, LB Lawrence Taylor, DB Bo Eason

1985 Outlook:  This is a team that has a chance right now and in the future.  A new owner will be able to build this franchise into a contender quick and also keep it there.  The offense is adequate with weapons Sammy Winder, Roy Green and Steve Jordan.  QB Ron Jaworski will be protected behind a big offensive line.  On defense, they are also loaded with dominant LBís in Lawrence Taylor and Wilbur Mashall.  S Bo Eason will anchor the secondary for awhile also.  Whichever way a new owner wants to go in the draft will be a good choice.  Adding a high draft pick to this offense will put it over the top, or adding a high draft to the defense will do the same.  This is a very interesting team that can compete right away in a tough division.

We have annual league dues of $25.00, how do I pay? click here: LEAGUE DUES!

EFL League Dues Section  

League Dues:  $25 for all first and second year franchises.

3 Year Discount:  $5 off of league dues when you own your franchise 3 consecutive years.

Divisional Winners:  $5 off of your league entry fee when you win your division title.

Super Bowl Runner-Up:  $5 off of your league entry fee when you make it to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Champion:  Plays for FREE the season following your Super Bowl win


Currently, we are searching for 28 owners to play in a HEAD TO HEAD football league using Action PC 2003 software.  We will be starting our first season of league play using the 1983 NFL season disk and advancing through NFL history (only 1 season played per year). We do have annual league dues which will be $25.00.  This will be an off-season, head to head football league.  We will plan on starting the draft in late Jan. (maybe early Feb?) and all owners must own a copy of the Action PC for Windows software .  This league will all but require its members to play Head to Head over the internet, so do not join if you do not think you can fill this commitment. If interested please contact the commish.....

E-mail Brian Mancini the commish at:

WEB GUY Chad:  cweyenberg@comcast.net

Last modified: 4/5/05

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