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    League batting leaders -- SFMBL
    Regular season -- as of 10/31/2017

    Batting average On-base percentage Slugging percentage
    KinslerRG .464 KinslerRG .500 KinslerRG .750
    Turner,JuRG .419 BettsRG .441 BettsRG .625
    BettsRG .406 Turner,JuRG .424 HazelbakerRG .625
    Ramos,WNYC .318 Martinez,JDNYC .348 Turner,JuRG .613
    HazelbakerRG .250 Diaz,ARG .333 Dickerson,ARG .423
    Diaz,ARG .241 Ramos,WNYC .318 Diaz,ARG .379
    GoldschmidtRG .226 GoldschmidtRG .294 Martin,RuRG .318
    Martinez,JDNYC .211 HazelbakerRG .280 Ramos,WNYC .318
    Dickerson,ARG .192 Martin,RuRG .240 Martinez,JDNYC .316
    Martin,RuRG .182 Dickerson,ARG .233 GoldschmidtRG .258
    Hits Runs Runs batted in
    KinslerRG13 BettsRG7 Turner,JuRG8
    Turner,JuRG13 KinslerRG6 HazelbakerRG6
    BettsRG13 HazelbakerRG5 Dickerson,ARG6
    Ramos,WNYC7 Turner,JuRG5 Walker,NNYC5
    Diaz,ARG7 Walker,NNYC4 Marte,JNYC5
    GoldschmidtRG7 Dickerson,ARG4 BlackmonNYC5
    HazelbakerRG6 GoldschmidtRG4 KinslerRG5
    Walker,NNYC5 SchimpfNYC3 Martin,RuRG3
    BlackmonNYC5 BraunNYC3 BeltreNYC3
    Dickerson,ARG5 Reyes,JoseNYC3 Diaz,ARG3
    Doubles Triples Homeruns
    SeguraNYC2 BraunNYC1 BlackmonNYC3
    Martinez,JDNYC2 DrewNYC1 HazelbakerRG3
    KinslerRG2 BeltNYC1 SchimpfNYC2
    BettsRG2 BettsRG1 Walker,NNYC2
    Suzuki,KRG1     Marte,JNYC2
    PiscottyRG1     Dickerson,ARG2
    Young,CBNYC1     KinslerRG2
    Walker,NNYC1     Turner,JuRG2
    DrewNYC1     BraunNYC1
    BeltNYC1     DrewNYC1
    Extra base hits Stolen bases Steal percentage
    KinslerRG4 BettsRG3-0 BettsRG1.000
    BettsRG4 Reyes,JoseNYC1-1 Reyes,JoseNYC .500
    Walks Intentional walks Strikeouts
    Diaz,ARG4 Martinez,JDNYC1 Martin,RuRG9
    Young,CBNYC3     GoldschmidtRG9
    Reyes,JoseNYC3     Dickerson,ARG7
    DrewNYC3     Marte,JNYC6
    BeltNYC3     Ramos,WNYC6
    Martinez,JDNYC3     Martinez,JDNYC6
    Walker,NNYC2     BettsRG6
    Martin,RuRG2     Herrmann,CNYC5
    Dickerson,ARG2     HazelbakerRG5
    BettsRG2     BeltreNYC5
    Sacrifice bunts Sacrifice flies Hit by pitch
    TriggsRG1 Dickerson,ARG2 PiscottyRG1
        BlackmonNYC1 SchimpfNYC1
        Martin,RuRG1 BraunNYC1
        Turner,JuRG1 Martinez,JDNYC1
    Ground ball DP Runs created Runs created/27 outs
    SeguraNYC3 KinslerRG 10.8 KinslerRG19.4
    Marte,JNYC2 BettsRG 9.7 BettsRG13.8
    Turner,JuRG2 Turner,JuRG 7.2 Turner,JuRG 9.2
    BeltNYC1 Walker,NNYC 6.7 HazelbakerRG 6.4
    Ramos,WNYC1 SchimpfNYC 5.1 Diaz,ARG 4.9
    Martin,RuRG1 HazelbakerRG 4.3 Martinez,JDNYC 4.2
    Dickerson,ARG1 Diaz,ARG 4.0 Ramos,WNYC 3.2
    GoldschmidtRG1 BraunNYC 3.7 Dickerson,ARG 2.8
        BlackmonNYC 3.5 GoldschmidtRG 2.5
        DrewNYC 3.5 Martin,RuRG 2.2
    Isolated power Total average Total bases
    HazelbakerRG .375 KinslerRG1.533 KinslerRG21
    KinslerRG .286 BettsRG1.316 BettsRG20
    Dickerson,ARG .231 Turner,JuRG1.000 Turner,JuRG19
    BettsRG .219 HazelbakerRG .889 HazelbakerRG15
    Turner,JuRG .194 Diaz,ARG .682 BlackmonNYC14
    Diaz,ARG .138 Martinez,JDNYC .667 Walker,NNYC12
    Martin,RuRG .136 Dickerson,ARG .591 Dickerson,ARG11
    Martinez,JDNYC .105 Martin,RuRG .474 Diaz,ARG11
    GoldschmidtRG .032 GoldschmidtRG .440 SchimpfNYC10
    BeltreNYC .000 Ramos,WNYC .438 Marte,JNYC10
    On-base plus slugging Secondary average AB per homerun
    KinslerRG1.250 HazelbakerRG .417 HazelbakerRG 8.0
    BettsRG1.066 BettsRG .375 Dickerson,ARG 13.0
    Turner,JuRG1.037 KinslerRG .321 KinslerRG 14.0
    HazelbakerRG .905 Dickerson,ARG .308 Turner,JuRG 15.5
    Diaz,ARG .713 Diaz,ARG .276 Martin,RuRG 22.0
    Martinez,JDNYC .664 Martinez,JDNYC .263 Diaz,ARG 29.0
    Dickerson,ARG .656 Martin,RuRG .227 BettsRG 32.0
    Ramos,WNYC .636 Turner,JuRG .194 GoldschmidtRG9999.0
    Martin,RuRG .558 GoldschmidtRG .097 BeltreNYC9999.0
    GoldschmidtRG .552 BeltreNYC .038 Ramos,WNYC9999.0
    Atbats Plate appearances Games
    BettsRG32 BettsRG34 BeltNYC7
    GoldschmidtRG31 GoldschmidtRG34 BeltreNYC7
    Turner,JuRG31 Diaz,ARG33 BettsRG7
    Diaz,ARG29 Turner,JuRG33 BlackmonNYC7
    KinslerRG28 Dickerson,ARG30 Diaz,ARG7
    BeltreNYC26 KinslerRG30 Dickerson,ARG7
    Dickerson,ARG26 BeltreNYC28 GoldschmidtRG7
    HazelbakerRG24 HazelbakerRG25 KinslerRG7
    Martin,RuRG22 Martin,RuRG25 Marte,JNYC7
    Ramos,WNYC22 Martinez,JDNYC23 Martin,RuRG7
    Current hit streak Longest hit streak 
    BettsRG7 BettsRG7    
    KinslerRG7 KinslerRG7    
    Turner,JuRG7 Turner,JuRG7    
    GoldschmidtRG6 GoldschmidtRG6    
    HazelbakerRG3 Diaz,ARG4    
    BraunNYC2 Ramos,WNYC4    
    Dickerson,ARG2 HazelbakerRG3    
    SchimpfNYC2 BlackmonNYC2    
    CalhounRG1 BraunNYC2    
    Diaz,ARG1 Dickerson,ARG2    
    Total bases + BB + HBP TB+BB+HBP rate Plate appearances per game
    KinslerRG23 KinslerRG .767 BettsRG4.86
    BettsRG22 BettsRG .647 GoldschmidtRG4.86
    Turner,JuRG20 HazelbakerRG .640 Diaz,ARG4.71
    HazelbakerRG16 Turner,JuRG .606 Turner,JuRG4.71
    Diaz,ARG15 Diaz,ARG .455 Dickerson,ARG4.29
    Walker,NNYC14 Martinez,JDNYC .435 KinslerRG4.29
    BlackmonNYC14 Dickerson,ARG .433 HazelbakerRG4.17
    Dickerson,ARG13 Martin,RuRG .360 BeltreNYC4.00
    DrewNYC12 GoldschmidtRG .324 Martinez,JDNYC3.83
    SchimpfNYC11 Ramos,WNYC .318 Ramos,WNYC3.67
    Total bases plus walks TB+BB rate AB per game
    KinslerRG22 KinslerRG .733 BettsRG4.57
    BettsRG22 BettsRG .647 GoldschmidtRG4.43
    Turner,JuRG19 HazelbakerRG .640 Turner,JuRG4.43
    HazelbakerRG16 Turner,JuRG .576 Diaz,ARG4.14
    Diaz,ARG15 Diaz,ARG .455 KinslerRG4.00
    Walker,NNYC14 Dickerson,ARG .433 HazelbakerRG4.00
    BlackmonNYC14 Martinez,JDNYC .391 BeltreNYC3.71
    Dickerson,ARG13 Martin,RuRG .360 Dickerson,ARG3.71
    DrewNYC12 Ramos,WNYC .318 Ramos,WNYC3.67
    Marte,JNYC11 GoldschmidtRG .294 Martinez,JDNYC3.17
    Balls in park In-play average Strikeout/walk ratio
    Turner,JuRG25 BettsRG .480 Diaz,ARG 1.3
    BettsRG25 KinslerRG .478 Martinez,JDNYC 2.0
    KinslerRG23 Turner,JuRG .440 BettsRG 3.0
    Diaz,ARG23 Ramos,WNYC .438 KinslerRG 3.0
    GoldschmidtRG22 GoldschmidtRG .318 Dickerson,ARG 3.5
    BeltreNYC21 Martinez,JDNYC .308 GoldschmidtRG 4.5
    Dickerson,ARG19 Diaz,ARG .261 Martin,RuRG 4.5
    Ramos,WNYC16 Martin,RuRG .231 BeltreNYC 5.0
    HazelbakerRG16 HazelbakerRG .188 HazelbakerRG 5.0
    BlackmonNYC15 Dickerson,ARG .158 Turner,JuRG99.0
    Batting average vs LHP On-base percentage vs LHP Slugging percentage vs LHP
    Walker,NNYC .571 Walker,NNYC .667 Walker,NNYC1.571
    Ramos,WNYC .500 BeltNYC .571 BeltNYC .800
    BeltNYC .400 Reyes,JoseNYC .500 Marte,JNYC .714
    Reyes,JoseNYC .375 Ramos,WNYC .500 Ramos,WNYC .500
    Marte,JNYC .286 Young,CBNYC .444 Reyes,JoseNYC .375
    BeltreNYC .250 Marte,JNYC .375 Young,CBNYC .333
    Young,CBNYC .167 BeltreNYC .333 BeltreNYC .250
    Hits vs LHP Runs batted in vs LHP On-base plus slugging vs LHP
    Walker,NNYC4 Marte,JNYC4 Walker,NNYC2.238
    Ramos,WNYC4 Walker,NNYC4 BeltNYC1.371
    Reyes,JoseNYC3 BraunNYC2 Marte,JNYC1.089
    GoldschmidtRG2 BlackmonNYC2 Ramos,WNYC1.000
    BeltNYC2 Suzuki,KRG1 Reyes,JoseNYC .875
    Marte,JNYC2 BeltreNYC1 Young,CBNYC .778
    BeltreNYC2 Ramos,WNYC1 BeltreNYC .583
    Doubles vs LHP Triples vs LHP Homeruns vs LHP
    Suzuki,KRG1 BeltNYC1 Walker,NNYC2
    Young,CBNYC1     BraunNYC1
    Walker,NNYC1     Marte,JNYC1
    Extra base hits vs LHP Total bases vs LHP Isolated power vs LHP
    Walker,NNYC3 Walker,NNYC11 Walker,NNYC1.000
    Suzuki,KRG1 Marte,JNYC5 Marte,JNYC .429
    BraunNYC1 BraunNYC4 BeltNYC .400
    BeltNYC1 BeltNYC4 Young,CBNYC .167
    Young,CBNYC1 Ramos,WNYC4    
    Marte,JNYC1 Reyes,JoseNYC3    
    Walks vs LHP Strikeouts vs LHP Hit by pitch vs LHP
    Young,CBNYC3 Young,CBNYC3 SchimpfNYC1
    BeltNYC2 Herrmann,CNYC2    
    Walker,NNYC2 Gonzalez,MiNYC2    
    Reyes,JoseNYC2 PhelpsNYC2    
    BettsRG1 Martinez,JDNYC2    
    Martinez,JDNYC1 Marte,JNYC2    
    Marte,JNYC1 BeltreNYC2    
    BeltreNYC1 Hardy,JRG1    
    Sacrifice bunts vs LHP Sacrifice flies vs LHP Atbats vs LHP
        BlackmonNYC1 BeltreNYC8
    AB per homerun vs LHP AB per double vs LHP Plate appearances vs LHP
    Walker,NNYC 3.5 Young,CBNYC 6.0 Reyes,JoseNYC10
    Marte,JNYC 7.0 Walker,NNYC 7.0 BeltreNYC9
    BeltreNYC9999.0 BeltreNYC9999.0 Walker,NNYC9
    Ramos,WNYC9999.0 Ramos,WNYC9999.0 Young,CBNYC9
    Reyes,JoseNYC9999.0 Reyes,JoseNYC9999.0 Marte,JNYC8
    Young,CBNYC9999.0 Marte,JNYC9999.0 Ramos,WNYC8
    BeltNYC9999.0 BeltNYC9999.0 BeltNYC7
    Batting average vs RHP On-base percentage vs RHP Slugging percentage vs RHP
    KinslerRG .462 KinslerRG .500 KinslerRG .769
    Turner,JuRG .448 BettsRG .452 BlackmonNYC .765
    BettsRG .433 Turner,JuRG .452 DrewNYC .692
    Martinez,JDNYC .267 Martinez,JDNYC .389 BettsRG .667
    HazelbakerRG .261 DrewNYC .375 Turner,JuRG .655
    Diaz,ARG .259 Diaz,ARG .355 HazelbakerRG .652
    SeguraNYC .250 HazelbakerRG .292 Dickerson,ARG .455
    BlackmonNYC .235 Martin,RuRG .273 Diaz,ARG .407
    DrewNYC .231 GoldschmidtRG .250 Martinez,JDNYC .400
    Ramos,WNYC .214 SeguraNYC .250 SeguraNYC .375
    Hits vs RHP Runs batted in vs RHP On-base plus slugging vs RHP
    Turner,JuRG13 Turner,JuRG8 KinslerRG1.269
    BettsRG13 Dickerson,ARG6 BettsRG1.118
    KinslerRG12 HazelbakerRG6 Turner,JuRG1.107
    Diaz,ARG7 KinslerRG5 DrewNYC1.067
    HazelbakerRG6 BlackmonNYC3 BlackmonNYC1.000
    GoldschmidtRG5 Martin,RuRG3 HazelbakerRG .944
    SchimpfNYC4 Diaz,ARG3 Martinez,JDNYC .789
    Martinez,JDNYC4 SchimpfNYC2 Diaz,ARG .762
    SeguraNYC4 DrewNYC2 Dickerson,ARG .685
    BlackmonNYC4 BeltreNYC2 Martin,RuRG .641
    Doubles vs RHP Triples vs RHP Homeruns vs RHP
    Martinez,JDNYC2 BraunNYC1 BlackmonNYC3
    SeguraNYC2 DrewNYC1 HazelbakerRG3
    KinslerRG2 BettsRG1 SchimpfNYC2
    BettsRG2     Dickerson,ARG2
    PiscottyRG1     KinslerRG2
    BeltNYC1     Turner,JuRG2
    DrewNYC1     Marte,JNYC1
    Diaz,ARG1     DrewNYC1
    GoldschmidtRG1     Martin,RuRG1
    Extra base hits vs RHP Total bases vs RHP Isolated power vs RHP
    KinslerRG4 KinslerRG20 BlackmonNYC .529
    BettsRG4 BettsRG20 DrewNYC .462
    DrewNYC3 Turner,JuRG19 HazelbakerRG .391
    BlackmonNYC3 HazelbakerRG15 KinslerRG .308
    HazelbakerRG3 BlackmonNYC13 Dickerson,ARG .273
    SchimpfNYC2 Diaz,ARG11 BettsRG .233
    Martinez,JDNYC2 SchimpfNYC10 Turner,JuRG .207
    SeguraNYC2 Dickerson,ARG10 Martin,RuRG .158
    Dickerson,ARG2 DrewNYC9 Diaz,ARG .148
    Diaz,ARG2 Martin,RuRG7 Martinez,JDNYC .133
    Walks vs RHP Strikeouts vs RHP Hit by pitch vs RHP
    Diaz,ARG4 GoldschmidtRG9 PiscottyRG1
    DrewNYC3 Martin,RuRG8 BraunNYC1
    Martinez,JDNYC2 Dickerson,ARG7 Martinez,JDNYC1
    Martin,RuRG2 Ramos,WNYC5 BeltreNYC1
    Dickerson,ARG2 HazelbakerRG5 KinslerRG1
    GoldschmidtRG2 BettsRG5 Turner,JuRG1
    VerlanderNYC1 Diaz,ARG5 GoldschmidtRG1
    Reyes,JoseNYC1 Turner,JuRG5    
    PiscottyRG1 Marte,JNYC4    
    BraunNYC1 Martinez,JDNYC4    
    Sacrifice bunts vs RHP Sacrifice flies vs RHP Atbats vs RHP
    TriggsRG1 Dickerson,ARG2 BettsRG30
        Martin,RuRG1 GoldschmidtRG29
        Turner,JuRG1 Turner,JuRG29
    AB per homerun vs RHP AB per double vs RHP Plate appearances vs RHP
    BlackmonNYC 5.7 Martinez,JDNYC 7.5 GoldschmidtRG32
    HazelbakerRG 7.7 SeguraNYC 8.0 BettsRG31
    Dickerson,ARG 11.0 KinslerRG 13.0 Diaz,ARG31
    KinslerRG 13.0 DrewNYC 13.0 Turner,JuRG31
    DrewNYC 13.0 BettsRG 15.0 KinslerRG28
    Turner,JuRG 14.5 Diaz,ARG 27.0 Dickerson,ARG26
    Martin,RuRG 19.0 GoldschmidtRG 29.0 HazelbakerRG24
    Diaz,ARG 27.0 Turner,JuRG9999.0 Martin,RuRG22
    BettsRG 30.0 HazelbakerRG9999.0 BeltreNYC19
    GoldschmidtRG9999.0 Dickerson,ARG9999.0 Martinez,JDNYC18

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