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BBBL - Bambi's Bombers Baseball League
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Ode to Andriese

Reported by: Wicker Park Weekender
Hometown paper of the: Wicker Park Wildcats, owned by Avery Dale
Posted on Aug 18 at 13:09 ET


Wildcats pitcher Matt Andriese was placed on the 15 day DL today, effectively ending his superb season. Andriese has received little fanfare outside of Wicker Park, but as the season comes to a close, it is due time that more took notice of what he has done. Andriese finishes the season with 94 appearances totaling over 160 IP, almost all coming as a reliever for the Wildcats. He leads the team in innings pitched, having made only one spot start (coincidentally, that start came today in an unforeseen spot start in place of regularly scheduled De La Rosa). Andriese finishes the year with 7 wins and 7 saves, falling just short of his goal of a double-double. His 3.51 ERA is near the bear on the team, and by far the best of any pitcher with significant innings. While it has been a rough season for the Wildcats, Andriese has been a bright spot for the team, and the team's win-loss record would look much worse without their ace reliever.

Bucs Concede Division, look to snuff out fire instead

INDY (SAP): While the Bucs are not mathematically eliminated, they are setting their sights on a Wild Card slot instead. "The Fire needs to be put out, once and for all!", stated Owner and GM Dave Skalon. "We have traded, scraped, fought injuries, statistical anomalies, and we are still not out of it yet!" The Bucs have not been playing their best ball though, and they have 20 games to pass the Fire, while being down 4 games to them currently. They lost their MVP Schimpf earlier this week, when he was mistakenly played past his limit. Schimpf leads the Bucs with 39 HRs.... "We
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Trade completed between High Desert Pointers and Agrestic Fire

BBBL HEADQUARTERS (SAP): A trade has been completed between High Desert Pointers and Agrestic Fire:
High Desert Pointers receives Turner,Justin from Agrestic Fire
Agrestic Fire receives Hicks,Aaron from High Desert Pointers
High Desert Pointers had no comment on the trade at the time it was released.

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